Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pillow Pfffft

Remember earlier this week when I showed you those reversible pillow covers I made and hinted that another effort did not go so well? Here it is. I REALLY wanted to make pleated pillow covers. They're in stores everywhere for more money than I wanted to spend knowing how inexpensive microfiber is on its own. So, I purchased a yard for $7.00. This was my first mistake. Guess what? 1 yard, or maybe it was 1 1/2 yards....either way, it won't cover two pillows because pleats take extra fabric than a normal pillow cover. Sigh.

I thought I could get away with covering just one pillow and it would be an accent for the other two. This was before I made the reversible covers. I only made those because I screwed up these pleats. Let's be clear on something. I've never made pleats before. Never. And I didn't look up any helpful hints on how to sew them because, "How hard could they be?" Just fold and sew. Yes, in theory.

Look at those wonky pleats! First of all, there's definitely not supposed to be that much space between them. They don't overlap. Not even a little. Secondly, I think only the middle one is straight. The rest are not even close to being even. And third, ugh, just ugh. This was such a poor attempt. I wish I could blame it all on the fabric. It was tough to measure and certainly there was no ironing of microfiber, which added some difficulty.

Look at that one on the top right! It's especially bad. Oh yeah. I also tried to make this a removable cover with an invisible zipper. Because the zipper was invisible, I used a cream one because it's all I had on hand. You could definitely see the entire thing. I ended up cutting the zipper out and slip stitching the 4th side closed.

I am so ashamed to post this. I guess I wanted to prove I'm not perfect. HA! I think we all knew that anyway.

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