Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Free at Last

No, I'm not celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day late. After five and a half years, I am free from car payments! I bought my first car when I graduated from college. When your boyfriend has a car, you really don't need your own until you don't live in the same city anymore and need to transport yourself to your brand new full time job. My buddy Blue, a Saturn Ion, has been my faithful companion since 2005. He and I have been through a lot together. I put many miles on him early on and unfortunately, there shows no sign of stopping. Today I sent in my very last payment so Blue is all mine. They assured me the title would be mailed to me so I will trust them to do so, although it's in my maiden name. Do you think that makes a difference?

What a happy day it is! Honestly (don't tell him), I couldn't care less what I drive. And, cheap as he was, Blue has served me well over the years. At just shy of 100,000 miles, I'm hoping to squeeze out a few more. I think I can do it! In fact, I'd like to squeeze out as many as possible. Then, onto bigger and probably better things. What a joyous occasion!

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