Thursday, January 6, 2011


I always always make a New Years resolution. They often have a similar theme (read: weight loss) but they're also always about bettering myself in some way. Isn't that the true meaning of a resolution? Last year, my resolution was to be more positive. Proof here. I am proud to stay I really stuck to it for the whole year. Many would attest to the fact that I am a much more positive person than I used to be and I credit my resolution with that change. It gave me the spark I needed to try and always see the bright side of things. Of course life isn't going to go your way every day and that's okay. There's always something to be happy about. Even if some days it's just the fact that Sadie makes me smile.

So this year, I have a skillful resolution. I am going to try at least one new recipe every week. I really enjoy going through cookbooks, magazines and blogs to find new, yummy things to cook. I enjoy it so much that I have a binder full of "to be cooked" recipes. I'm hoping this resolution will force me to clear out that binder and make way for new. I also hate when I get in a food rut that is unimaginative and downright boring. I'm hoping this resolution will fix that too. I promise to share the recipes with you too. Aren't you lucky?!

What's your resolution?

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