Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Library Fail

It's taken me since October to finally check out my new library. My old, awesome library is now a 15 minute drive from home and nowhere near anything that might be convenient to combine trips. My new library is on my way home. Right on the way! I pass it everyday. Happy day, this is exciting. Since I'm nearly finished with my first read of 2011, I decided I better hop to and skedaddle on over to get my brand new, shiny card.

I pull into the parking lot and realize that the building is noticeably smaller than Awesome Library. I would say it's easily one quarter the size of Awesome Library. Not a good start. Upon walking in, I noticed everything was a complete hodge podge. Maybe it's because I'm so familiar with A.L. but I felt like there was just stuff everywhere with no organization. Libraries are all about organization. Maybe you didn't know that. They can function only because they're so very organized. (Thanks, Mr. Dewey!) I sidled up to the counter and spoke with a friendly librarian (a plus, although the librarians at A.L. are also friendly) about getting a card. She hooked me up, pointed out some areas of the library I might be interested in, and sent me on my way.

I've said it before but it's never good when I go into the library without a clear idea of what I'm there for. I end up wandering in the stacks, borrowing books I care nothing about, most of which don't get read. But, I came semi-prepared this time. I found the computer terminal to search the catalogue and got busy. Well, I tried to get busy. I couldn't get it to work; then it froze. :( The only librarian I saw was 3 patrons deep at the counter and so, reserve steeled, I headed off just where I didn't want to be......the stacks.

Oh yeah, I had first perused the "New Books" shelf. When I didn't recognize a single title, I didn't think that was a very good sign. Anyway, in the stacks I found a few books to borrow but nothing that I'm excited to read. This is so very disappointing. While I'm happy to give my circulation to the new-to-me library, I can't do that if there's nothing I want to circulate. So, I guess I'll use it in a pinch but I think I'll still be planning15 minute (30 round trip) sojourns to my Awesome Library.


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