Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pillows Aplenty!

I bought the fabric to make two different kinds of pillow covers for the living room couch well before Christmas and I just now got around to sewing them. Good news, guys! My machine may not be so sick after all. These sewed up just fine and my bobbin thread didn't break once. Huzzah! I think that maybe Sal just doesn't like to zigzag stitch anymore. That's okay. I hardly ever zigzag anyway. Even though she's okay for now, I think I still have my eye on a bigger, better model. If I want to start truly altering my own clothes (not just simple hems) I need the right tools to do it. Only 2 1/2 months until my birthday! *hint hint* Those hints were for John. He's not reading this anyway.

Back to the pillows! I purchased a blue microsuede and an Indian-like swirly print. I didn't taken pictures of either one ahead of time. Oops! We are on the hunt for new furniture but I figured our pillows could use an upgrade in the meantime. I had my heart set on making some pleated covers out of the microsuede. That's a story for another day with a sad ending. Today! I'll show you the ones that did turn out the way I wanted them to.

Here is the print. I love the curly-ques! If you can't tell, they are light blue on a mocha brown background.

And here is the plain microsuede. This isn't washable but that's okay. It's a short term fix anyway. The microsuede was on sale and I think I paid about $7/yard. Actually, I think I paid about $7/yard for the print too, at JoAnn's.

SPOILER ALERT! The pillows are reversible. One side has the print and the other is the solid! Did that just blow your mind? It blew mine for sure. Well, after I had screwed up my pleats and had to come up with a feasible solution. THEN, it blew my mind. Anyway, I'm not doing a tutorial because they're just two squares stitched together and I slipstitched the 4th side closed. Easy peasy.

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