Monday, January 10, 2011

Date night!

I couldn't recall the last date night John and I had. Is that sad or what? We traveled at Thanksgiving and then we hosted, decorated, shopped, had Christmas, tried to host again but got the flu, hosted New Years and finally....FINALLY, had a free weekend. What better way to celebrate than with dinner and a movie?

We chose a relatively new burger place called EO Burgers for dinner. That stands for extraordinary. For my money, they could remove the E. and just be Ordinary Burgers. They were a'ight but far from extraordinary. The fries were good although it's hard for me to meet a fry I don't like. We have one more new-ish burger place to try and then it's probably just back to Five Guys. I say that like we go all the time. We hadn't had burgers out since Thanksgiving at the ultimate, Mighty Fine, in Texas.

We had time to kill before the movie but there were no seats at Bar Louie to grab a drink. Sad face. We love Bar Louie. Now there's a restaurant with a good burger. And on Tuesdays, not that we go out on Tuesdays, it's Dollar Burger night. A dollar for a whole burger! But alas, it wasn't meant to be. We went to the theatre and bought our tickets opting instead to find a cocktail at what used to be called "Chatters" but is now inexplicably simply "Bar & Grill". It's a strange little lounge in the movie theatre with an extremely limited food menu, that they can never seem to deliver to your table in a timely manner, and an even more limited drink menu. Good thing my $9 Chambord Martini was tasty. Highway robbery! Next time, we'll just stand at Bar Louie. We could have saved beaucoup bucks. And really, we should have known better as we had vowed some years before NEVER to return to Chatters. During a horrible windstorm in September of 2007? 2008? most of Dayton lost power. It was a Sunday night and we had nothing to eat. We were driving around aimlessly to see if some lucky restaurant would be open. Low and behold, the Greene (outdoor shopping destination) did have power but all the restaurants were absolutely packed! And then, unlike now, they didn't have 20 restaurants to choose from. There were open tables at Chatters and we saddled up. I understand their kitchen is apparently not equipped to cook for all their tables at the same time. We waited more than an hour for a fish sandwich and whatever John ordered. Because they were so crazy busy, no one knew where any of the food belonged and our order was delivered to the table next to ours. I heard the people say, "We didn't order that but we'll take it!" We walked out with nothing. Our dinner that night was cheese. Sliced cheese. It was the first thing I could grab when John said, "I'm only opening the fridge for a few seconds." He meant it. Rough going. I digress.

Then we saw The King's Speech, my choice. It was delightful! I really like Colin Firth but everyone did a great job and I'm not surprised it's received many nominations for various awards already. This was the first movie we had seen out since October. I told you we were in need of a date night.

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